Drive Traffic to Your Business this Small Business Saturday

Everyone gets excited about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so how do businesses compete? Small Business Saturday was created to increase revenue for locally owned businesses. With consumers thinking about their holiday shopping lists, it is the perfect time to drive traffic and create loyal customers. Here are a few simple tips to getting those shoppers in the door on November 26.

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Five Thank You Page Best Practices

What is a thank you page?

Thank_you_blogAfter visiting the landing page and entering information leads are redirected to a thank you page so that the company can provide more information while also thanking them. The thank you page should contain a link to the offer and the next steps that will be conducted.

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How to solve the biggest problems with lead generation

Know your buyers

To generate leads, marketers must first understand their buyers. Today buyers are the ones who orchestrate the entire selling/buying process. Buyers research the products they desire, and from there they form opinions and carefully make their decisions. Creating buyer personas from research can grant some insight on possible buying patterns, which ultimately guides marketing strategies. With this knowledge in mind, marketers can strategize accordingly to buyers wants and needs in a way that will attract them.


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