Five Thank You Page Best Practices

Posted by Alissa Foti

August 10, 2015

What is a thank you page?

Thank_you_blogAfter visiting the landing page and entering information leads are redirected to a thank you page so that the company can provide more information while also thanking them. The thank you page should contain a link to the offer and the next steps that will be conducted.



Deliver the promised offer for set expectations to be carried out:

The thank you page is specifically designed to thank the visitor for their action and follow-up with how they will be contacted in the future. Inbound marketing best practices suggest that thank you pages outweigh both inline thank you messages and email follow-up messages.

Include the website’s navigation menu:

This step is important because it will allow the visitors to go back to the site and investigate the offer they’re interested in as well as additional offers and information. The addition of the navigation menu makes it easier and oftentimes, encourages leads to go back to your website.

Provide any additional necessary information:

This would include the option of adding a call to action. Adding a relevant call to action to the thank you page that pertains to the content that was just downloaded is a great way to invoke an immediate response with leads. However, this addition is seen as an option, so that companies don’t feel too pushy. Additionally, the thank you page is a great space to share links to materials such as blogs, webinars, white papers, ebooks, case studies, and all other pieces of content. That gives the visitor an opportunity to view company materials without having to search for them and allows them to download more relevant content.

Move the new leads further along in the buyer’s journey:

The buyer’s journey is the active research process that people go through before making a purchase. Inbound marketing has four basic steps and those are: attract, convert, close, delight. The thank you page is found at the end of the convert stage as the company is converting prospects into top of the funnel. Once a prospect elects to download one piece of content, you can then begin to nurture this new-found lead through the buyer’s journey with other pieces of content.

Include opportunities to connect on social media:

Always present the opportunity for web visitors that visit a thank you page to either share the content to their social networks or connect with your social media pages.  The use of social media is becoming more prevalent in this technological age and creating an opportunity to gain a follower or have a web visitor share your content is always a thank you page best practice. Connecting on social media allows the visitor to stay up-to-date with the company.

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