What are Google’s Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are meant to solve a fundamental issue with search marketing; how to connect a business’ site with relevant search queries.  So what are DSAs anyway?

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10 Types of Manual and Automatic AdWords Ad Formats and Ad Extensions

In the previous two previous blogs, 5 Factors that Determine AdWords Quality Score and Understanding the Google AdWords Ad Auction and Ad Rank, we have mentioned the importance of how different types of ad formats or ad extensions can affect your quality score in achieving the best possible ad position.  You can look at ad formats or ad extensions as an additional enhancement to the structure of an AdWords ad.  A typical AdWords ad looks like this. 

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Understanding The Google AdWords ad auction and Ad Rank

As mentioned in the previous post, Google’s ad auction does not just reward the ad with the highest bid. While the amount that you bid is a certain factor, the Google auction rewards quality more than quantity. The work and time you put in to optimize your ads will yield a greater quality score and can ultimately increase more targeted impressions and a lower cost per click. The process in which Google’s auction works is quite unique but, very important to understand.

So, how is your ad rank calculated?


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5 Factors that Determine Google AdWords Quality Score

Choosing the correct keywords is the foundation to every paid search campaign, but understanding Google’s auction system and Ad rank factors can prove to be even more important in creating a successful campaign.  Google states that their auction system is a secondary auction. A traditional auction works when the person with the highest bid wins. However, this is not the process Google’s ad ranking system or auction system works. 

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Pay Per Click Strategy: How Small Business can Compete

Employing online advertising techniques, such as Google AdWords, can provide a significant boost to your website traffic while you are working to optimize for organic search results through inbound marketing.

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