Klosebuy Mobile App: FREE for 12 Months August 2020 Promotion

Posted by Cary Baskin

August 03, 2020

To help local businesses during the COVID19 pandemic, The Marketing Department of Malvern, PA in partnership with Klosebuy is offering the Klosebuy Mobile App for FREE for 12 months.

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We are waiving the monthly subscription fee for one-year and providing 15,000 coupon points for free. It’s our way to help our community during this pandemic. Together we’ll come through this ordeal stronger. We hope our approach allows your business to leverage our technology today to your benefit and to support us after your free subscription ends. A turnkey program, Klosebuy drives sales, excites consumers and builds customer loyalty.


Businesses use Klosebuy to more efficiently advertise and communicate directly with subscribers in their local market and reward them for their loyalty.

Local chambers, business associations and even local governments can use the Klosebuy business listing feature to connect all businesses in a community with subscribers to encourage “shop local.” You can see who is open, closed, who has reduced hours and special deals, all in real time from your mobile phone.

How does Klosebuy Work for Consumers

Consumers download an app on their phone, sign up, immediately earn welcome points, and begin “patronizing” businesses to earn additional points. They can save deals, share deals socially, track their points, and redeem those points — all through the mobile app.

Consumers redeem their points from a catalog of thousands of items, or through promotional discounts provided by the restaurant or retailer.

How does Klosebuy Work for Businesses

No hardware to buy or integrate – Klosebuy is an affordable digital web and mobile marketing app, and optional points-based loyalty program where consumers can track and redeem points for rewards.

With Klosebuy business owners can:

  • Build your local customer database of subscribers
  • Manage an affordable (1 ¢/point) point-based loyalty program
  • Extend social media reach with seamless social media integration
  • Create and/or replicate advertisements and digital promotions with ease
  • Send push notifications and emails to the subscribers
  • Track consumer engagement with detailed analytics in real-time
  • And much more…

Klosebuy offers both “self service” and “managed service” portals. 

Klosebuy Self Service Portal

Portal administrators can easily create digital promotions, offer points for a personalized loyalty program, and setup up to two push notifications every month to instantly reach local consumers with announcements or promotions.

Klosebuy Managed Service Portal

Don’t have the time to manage your promotions and loyalty program, we have you covered.  For a small monthly fee The Marketing Department will setup your ad campaigns, plan and execute your two email blasts each month, and give you insights into what the analytics are showing.

Enroll your business today in 60 seconds…

  1. Visit:
  2. Enter Affiliate Promo Code: TMD
  3. Search for your business
  4. Claim your business
  5. Receive 12 month FREE
  6. Share with other business owners to build the base of "shop local" subscribers     
                                                  OFFER EXPIRES AUGUST 31, 2020

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