Marketing Trends for 2017

Posted by Ashley Love

January 10, 2017

Predicting marketing trends this year seems to be easier than ever. With social networks everywhere offering live video streaming and encouraging engagement among users, this list of trends will seem easy.

1.Live video

Live video is everywhere - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Meerkat, etc. The list is endless. Currently, videoss3jth84c8e-michael-barth.jpg traffic accounts for 70% of all internet traffic, according to Cisco. However, forecasts predict that by 2020, that number will be up to 82%. Jump on the video train now before your business gets left behind.

2. Influencer Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk is without a doubt one of the biggest influencers when it comes to marketing. Whatever he says, basically goes in the marketing world right now. He wrote an powerful post about the importance of influencer marketing. When you can connect with an influencer, you can almost guarantee a spike in sales.  Think of influencer marketing as the ultimate testimonial. An endorsement from an influencer is going to sell your product/services much faster than an advertisement will.

3. Quality over Quantity

Social media and search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. When Instagram changed their algorithm this past year, businesses didn’t know what to do. Organic reached dropped and brands weren’t sure how to get those big impressions back. At this moment, only 1/3 to ½ of your audience sees your content organically.  It is becoming more important about making deep connections with people than having a large amount of impressions. Instagram lets you see your impressions now. If your photo reached 500 people but only 50 of them liked the picture, that’s problematic. If your photo reached 300 people and 200 of them engaged, those numbers are more important. You make a personal connection with more people even though your post reached fewer people. Remember, quality of engagement is more important than the quantity of people reached.

4. The “why”

Lately, companies are sharing their why. They’re sharing the feel-good stories. Photos of company picnics, charity work, etc. People love to buy from a company that shares in their values. Get a little personal with your clientele this year.

5. Automation

We aren’t talking about those standard e-mail automations. We’re talking about building an entirely automated sales funnel. By creating a well-crafted, somewhat lengthy (10-12 emails) sales funnel, you’re building a “know, like & trust factor” with your potential clients before you get them on a call. If a person makes it through all 12 automated emails, created to not seem automated, chances are they’re still highly interested in your business and what you can offer them. This is a great chance to close a deal.

6. Personalization

This goes back to point number 5. The automated emails you design must include some personalization. Segment your lists based on several things (active, inactive, how they opted-in, region, etc.) to really share messaging that will resonate with your ideal client in a way that makes the most sense for them.

7. Exclusive content

This directly relates to things like Snapchat. Snapchat morphed the way businesses can market themselves. You can offer exclusive deals, behind the scenes shots, etc. from your Snapchat story. The same thing applies to Instagram stories. This exclusive content lives for only 24 hours, unless deleted earlier. There has also been a rise in the “Snapchat Takeover.” This is where an influencer will take over a brand’s Snapchat account. Everyone wants to see exclusive content. They feel “in the know.” Using this limited time only application, you can see a spike in engaged content.

8. Mobile Friendly

It’s no secret that smartphones are dominating. Make sure every single marketing strategy has a mobile friendly
aspect as the number one criteria. Everything needs to be easily read on a mobile device. Signup forms need to be mobile friendly. Any marketing that takes place in 2017 must have a mobile attribute as the primary focus.

Does anything here shock you or seem overwhelming? If so, let a professional handle your marketing in 2017. Call us today for a free consultation.

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