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Marketing Trends for 2017

Predicting marketing trends this year seems to be easier than ever. With social networks everywhere offering live video streaming and encouraging engagement among users, this list of trends will seem easy.

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Drive Traffic to Your Business this Small Business Saturday

Everyone gets excited about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals so how do businesses compete? Small Business Saturday was created to increase revenue for locally owned businesses. With consumers thinking about their holiday shopping lists, it is the perfect time to drive traffic and create loyal customers. Here are a few simple tips to getting those shoppers in the door on November 26.

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Halloween Tips For Driving Traffic To Your Business

Halloween is one of children’s favorite holidays (besides Christmas). It’s a time when they get to dress up and collect candy. What can be better? Driving traffic to your business is better (almost). Here are some tips to help your business embrace Halloween and drive traffic.

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Trending Topics and How to Use them in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Some social media channels and websites have adopted a “trending topic” tool on their platform. Places like Buzzfeed and Facebook are capturing the topics most frequently being discussed at any moment in time. Using their own unique algorithms these platforms present the most talked about topics as they are happening. The trending topics on each platform will differ. While Facebook and Twitter are more news-based, Instagram is more about the #ThrowbackThursday. You’re more likely to see breaking news on Facebook and Twitter than you are on Pinterest and Instagram.

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What are Google’s Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are meant to solve a fundamental issue with search marketing; how to connect a business’ site with relevant search queries.  So what are DSAs anyway?

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How to Streamline Your Sales Through Email Automation

  • With platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, etc. there is a massive upward trend toward streamlining your sales process through email marketing automation.  By automating your email marketing, you can take users through the buyer journey and engage with them when you’re ready to make the pitch at the end of the email sequence.

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