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July 08, 2015

Dollarphotoclub_86368451Every one wants the best LinkedIn profile they can possibly have, but not everyone always knows the best steps to take in order for that to happen.  With that in mind, provided is a list of key points to review/complete while optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Optimizing your profile will help you gain ranks in searches and help you get noticed by the right people searching for the services, products and skills that you offer.




1.) Completeness

For starters, you must complete every section on your LinkedIn profile. This is an online resume as well as a form of communication; you wouldn’t leave blank spaces on a tangible resume would you? This includes images, certifications, education, past work history, etc..

2.) Create your own personalized URL/Links

LinkedIn will initially allot you with a URL, but it’s not an attractive one. You want to create a URL that is linked directly to you and easy to remember.


When sharing links from your website on your LinkedIn profile, having a personalized URL Allows you to customize the post in a way that draws attention to your LinkedIn network, helps you gain higher ranks in LinkedIn search results and can work to slowly increase your website’s SEO rankings on major search engines.

3.) Keywords

 These are how you are going to get your LinkedIn profile to stand out and come up in LinkedIn search results and possibly search engines. Make a list of keywords you want to use to describe yourself, and what you want to get found for. Place these keywords in places like your professional headline, current job, specialties, and summary.

4.) Join groups

A low number of people utilize this tool to its full potential; 50 groups maximum. The more groups you join and actively participate works to create more opportunity for your profile will be viewed by potential prospects. Also, you can message other people who have joined the same groups that you have enabling you to sidestep being a first connection with someone in your network

  1. There are 3 different types of connections on LinkedIn.
  2. 1st- People you are directly connected to (kind of like being friends).
  3. 2nd- People who are connected with your first connections (kind of like a mutual friend).
  4. 3rd- People who are connected to your second connections. You can only connect with them if their last name is present as well as their first.  2nd and 3rd connections cannot message you or be messaged by you. You are very limited when it comes to contact.

5.) Build your network

Add Connections, and organize them to how you know them. This strategy can be useful if you are interested in using LinkedIn as a CRM tool as well. You can categorize your connections as a friend, colleague, classmate, done business with them, don’t know them, or other. You should aim to have over 500 connections, if you can If not, work to grow your  network LinkedIn gives special recognition to people in the 500+ category.

6.) Post Media Content

Spruce up your profile to make it more appealing and sets you apart from other profiles. Adding imagery and maybe even videos will get you attention. If you are a business owner, you might want to include your logo as your background image. This is a great way to help you brand yourself.

7.) List Awards and Acknowledged work

By showing your accomplishments you are creating value for yourself, and it is backed by facts not just your words. It gives a greater understanding of your skills and interests. Sharing volunteer work you are/were involved in will only help you look better.

8.) Projects:

Now, if you are a consultant or a freelancer you should post your projects, because it allows you to name them, and create a link for them. This is a way to build links and gain search engine credibility as well as wanted traffic.

9.) Use Symbols

When reading your summary for example, the use of bullets might help break up the paragraphs and organize it in a reader desirable style.

10.) Add Skills and Gain Endorsements

Add whatever skills that you may have, let people see what you are good at. This is another way to build your value on your profile. Your skills could possibly be what sets you apart from others. And what’s better LinkedIn allows you to have endorsements, which are people who agree and kind of back you up in saying that you actually have that skill. So, it’s more than just you saying you have this skill, but it’s also possibly past teachers, bosses, colleagues, classmates, etc. saying you do as well.

11.) Gain Recommendations from connections

Reach out to your connections and get recommendations for skills and work. This looks good to potential employers to see. They will look at what things other people have to say about you and your workmanship. Just like applying to college, that recommendation letter can really build you up, and help you achieve your goals.

You read the steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile now go ahead and put them into action and wait to see the results. You will have the best LinkedIn profile you could ever have, and a greater chance at getting recognized by friends, colleagues, and potential jobs.

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