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Posted by Cary Baskin

December 03, 2012

In the October 8, 2012 issue of BtoB Online, four out of ten articles focused on content and most of the others referenced content.  The importance of content and its role in today’s marketing is a theme you see repeated everywhere.  “Content is king” opined BtoB editor John Obrecht, whose article discussed contents ascent to the marketing throne.

As I was reading the many articles in the BtoB issue, I was struck by a thought.  If content, as a marketing strategy, has been around for 60 years, as Obrecht references in his article, why is it suddenly king.  What’s different today?

Technology for one thing.  Before the advent of the modern day Internet, content was delivered through traditional low tech/no tech channels.  These traditional communication channels relied on the hope that someone was listening, absorbed the content or message and related it to your company's product or brand. 

Today, inbound marketing, through Internet search has emerged as the dominant method for consumers getting information and knowledge about products and services.  Content delivered through the website, Facebook page and other social and online channels assist with the buying process.  By delivering "the" highly definitive information a consumer is looking for in real-time, based on the way the consumer searched, results in addressing a specific consumer need with a target of opportunity for the company delivering the informational content. 

What the technology has enabled is an era of real-time High Definition Marketing.  HD marketing is an ability to produce and deliver content that is uniquely targeted to a specific keyword search, with analytics driven precision to satisfy a prospect or customers quest for an answer. 

A great example of High Definition Marketing was demonstrated in the recent presidential election.  As discussed in a post election analysis on the weekly edition of Washington Week on PBS.  The panelist’s talked about how the Obama campaign was able to define a target market, in this case Hispanic voters, and segment the population even further into many nationality groups within that population.  And how they put resources into each segmented group, Mexican, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, etc., all supported with high definition analytical data down to the voting precinct.  Ray Wright, of Maastery, in his recent blog 3.0 Marketing Plans: 5 Obama Campaign Lessons, also speaks to how analytics and refined segmentation played a significant role in the election results.

In an era of High Definition Marketing, if a company can determine (through analytics) what you as a potential consumer are looking for they can now present an answer with refined clarity.  With clarity, companies can influence what prospects and customers think about their product and service, where the essence of marketing is planting seeds of conscious thought about the company's brand, product or service in high definition.   The essence of what high definition has come to mean in our world of content rich communication is to meet a need for knowledge, information, involvement or entertainment whenever and wherever a consumer wants it.  And for marketing, High Definition has come to mean content delivered back to the consumer based on the way they defined the question or search term.

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