What Is Inbound Marketing

Posted by Cary Baskin

November 28, 2012

Ten years ago Direct Mail – Print Ads - E-Mail – Telemarketing - Radio/TV Ads were effective tools for oubound marketing.

Today, people have become adept at blocking out interruptions from traditional outbound marketing and shop and learn about products and services in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago.

If you want to get your marketing message delivered now, you need to match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products. Today, you do that by generating leads through Inbound Marketing.

Consumers now use the Internet to shop and gather information, but where on the Internet do they go - and how do they use the Internet for these activities. They do it through search engines that are found based on keywords the prospects use to search for the product or service.  The search results draw the propsoect into your website or facebook page to view rich-relevant content delivered as blogs, white papers, case studies, eBooks, How-To-Guides, brochures and press releases.

Inbound Marketing is a very effective way to reach your prospective customers. To transition from outbound to inbound marketing you have to stop interrupting people in your target market and focus on "getting found" by them instead.

To get found by search engines you have to attract shoppers with in-the-moment relevant content and to use this content in a way that begins to nurture a relationship between your business and the prospects needs as a consumer.

Inbound Marketing works by:

  • Transitioning your company into a community, a place for conversation, communication and education.
  • Making "optimal" use of links, content and social media to rank higher in Google search.
  • Helping you define what makes you a remarkable leader in your target market.
  • Employing remarkable content that helps attract links from other Websites.
  • Employing analytics to measure effectiveness
  • Establishing your company as a thought leader which changes your Website from an online brochure to a living breathing authoritative hub for your marketplace.

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