YouTube as a Search Engine

Posted by Maddie Keefe

July 06, 2016

YouTube is an internet powerhouse. Whether browsing through blogger’s channels for the latest trends or learning how to change a tire through how-to videos, there is a video for everyone on this searchable platform. YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, according to Phil Singleton from Examiner. Whomever your target audience is, there is a very high chance that they will turn to YouTube to ask questions and find a multitude of answers.

The people searching on YouTube come from all over the world and have a variety of different goals that need to be met. According to Singleton, 25% of YouTube users are 15-24 years of age, 20% are 25-30 years of age and 21% of users are 55 years and older. The age range of YouTube users is almost evenly distributed, showing that no matter the age of your target audience, they are using YouTube as a search engine as well to find answers.

There are numerous reasons to use YouTube as a search engine. Whether you just prefer videos to text or you find it to be a simple way to find answers, the options YouTube provides are many. According to Singleton, about 90% of users visit the site as a form of entertainment and 65% of users visit the site to stay informed and current about the endless array of topics you can learn about through the videos. Whether you are looking for the newest movie trailer or wanting to learn the best way to cut an avocado, YouTube is the place to go. According to Tony Edward, from Search Engine Land, “how-to” searches on YouTube are increasing 70% each year. No matter what you are trying to market, if you post a how-to video that has the potential to help your customers, there will be a wide audience waiting to learn more about what you have to say.

YouTube is not only a search engine, but a marketing tool as well. According to Tony Edward, of Search Engine Land, YouTube promotes paid ads on the top of each search results page. This means that users will see these ads every time they scroll through their search results. Edward explains that videos similar to the one the user is currently watching are listed on the side bar of each video. This technique can bring your videos to the forefront by reaching your target audience with every similar video they watch.

Another marketing tool that YouTube encourages is the use of keywords. According to Edward, YouTube channels can choose keywords that are appropriate to their business, allowing for their channel to be ranked higher across the platform. This is an extremely beneficial function to use when trying to reach as many people as possible that may be searching for your business.

YouTube is a universally known social media phenomenon that has the ability to reach countless people around the world as a search engine. YouTube can help you grow your business by promoting your videos to your target audience through promoted ads and the use of keywords. Use all the benefits that YouTube has to offer by creating videos for your business today.

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