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August 12, 2014

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There are number of tools that have evolved to help plan and execute an inbound marketing campaign to more efficiently manage the range of strategies and tactics employed over an extended period of time. When trying to attract new potentials buyers and clients, the most important part is planning a strategy on how you you’re going to do so.  

There are many different tools and strategies to use in your inbound campaign but, it is essential to know how and when to use them. You must target the correct buyer persona, bring them into your website and get them provide information through a call-to-action that offers a piece of content that they cannot refuse.

Inbound Marketing Game Plan

One of the first tools employed in the arsenal of inbound marketing is the Game Plan. The Game Plan is used to establish the goals of your inbound marketing campaign, and then articulates all of the content strategies, buyer personas, editorial calendars, and keywords to be used in your campaign.

Every inbound marketing initiative should be accompanied by an Inbound Marketing Game Plan, the purpose of which is to:

  • Establish quantifiable goals and metrics for the campaign
  • Specify the keywords related to your business
  • Define premium content that prospects are willing to exchange their e-mail to read
  • Develop an editorial calendar to schedule the content development and posting
  • Develop call-to-action strategies
  • Develop blog content plan


It all starts with your website, the nerve center of your inbound marketing strategy.  It’s the place you draw people into through key word searches.  It’s the place where you present your brand.  It’s the place where you make the first impression to the ideal prospect.  It’s the place where you promote your product or service, and build trust that you are capable and experienced at what you do. It’s the place where you first communicate and solicit interaction with a prospect.  It’s the place you can nurture relationships until they are ready to buy.

Landing Page & Call-To-Action (CTA) Forms

The ultimate goal of your website is to create more sales for your business. In order to do so, you need to do more than just bring visitors to the website you need to convert them into leads and then customers. An important tool in the inbound arsenal is the Landing Page and Call-To-Action button and associated form.

The Landing Page serves as a destination for website visitors, where you can talk to them about a specific piece of content or engage with them over a specific strategy to grab their attention, to invoke their interest and influence their (buying) behavior.

It is the CTA with its Landing Page and Landing Page Form that creates an opportunity to influence prospect behavior and helps you qualify prospects as they move through the sales funnel.  The response to a CTA shows you what they are most interested in.

Now you have a lead but, there is only a small window of time to get them attentive again about your product or services.  Most importantly, be prepared with instant personal follow-ups such as email and opportunities to offer more of the content that your new prospect will be interested in.  Once your inbound tools are working in a system, you can begin to segment your content to group of prospects in the same phase of the sales funnel. Imagine different groups of prospects being feed different content that you have created about your business. This will draw more and more prospects closer and closer to turning into customers.

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