8 Back-to-School Marketing Techniques to Boost Sales

Posted by Maddie Keefe

June 13, 2016

  • Once the sun is out and the kids are finally basking in their summer freedom, it is time to start planning your back to school marketing campaigns. Businesses should take advantage of this extremely busy shopping season by planning some red-hot back to school marketing techniques now. Here are eight techniques to give your sales a boost.

1. Include Popular Keywords in your Website

If you are familiar with products that people are looking for at this time of year, use that information to tailor your keywords and search results to those products. Ruth Arber, from Adweek, suggests using terms like “back to school necessities”, “back to school checklist”, “great back to school clothes” or “back to school must-haves” to draw people to your site when they are searching for similar products. She explains that using these keywords in your campaigns can make it easier for people to find you when searching for what they need. This extends the reach of your website and offers many chances to generate revenue.   

2. Create Checklists for Back to School

Checklists are an extremely well known way of organizing and prioritizing things that you need to accomplish, buy, etc. Think with Google, a company with Google, suggests creating checklists made up of popular and common back to school items that your potential customers can use as a reference. If you offer the checklist electronically, it will make it even easier for your customers to use. You can then encourage people to go to your website, print or download the checklist and use it within your business. The checklists can be exclusive to include your products, reminding customers to buy from you. Back to school checklists can be offered as a reference tool to your customer, as well as an opportunity to bring up sales.  

3. Use Mobile Internet Searching to your Advantage

Smartphones are everywhere. It is no surprise that people are using their smartphones to search for back to school products. According to Think with Google and Google Search Data, about 40% of back to school searches were done on a mobile device in 2014. This number is only rising. Make sure that the website for your company can be successfully viewed on a smartphone or mobile device. If your website is compatible for mobile searches and websites, it will be useful to potential customers.


4. Market to Different Audiences

Elementary school students with new backpacks and shiny notebooks are not the only people that your company should be marketing to. Bill Schneider, from Experian Marketing Services, explains that businesses should also be targeting their campaigns to high school and college aged students. He specifies that college students bring an entirely new market of different needs and products that the students in other age groups do not need. Schneider also explains that there are countless people shopping for different back to school needs, from the most extravagant items and those shopping on a budget. It is beneficial to the growth of sales to market to all age groups, as well as to all demographics of customers.

5. Develop a Rewards System for Students

Using a rewards system is a great way to bring in more students and create more loyal customers. Square, Inc., suggests that offering rewards such as points, discounts, free gifts, etc. is an effective tool of your marketing campaign to reach many students and boost sales. This system will not only entice the students to come back to your company in the future, but gives them a chance to bring their friends in for the same benefits. Every student needs school supplies, this is a great technique to encourage them to choose your business, turn them into loyal customers and increase sales for your business.

6. Generate Sales from Teacher

Students are not the only people to consider when creating your marketing campaign. As a new school year starts, teachers need to be as prepared as their students. According to Stephanie Diaz, from Blue Tree Digital, marketing to teachers is a great way to increase the success of your back to school campaign and increase sales. She explains that marketing your product or service to a teacher that could use it is the best approach. This can increase sales and bring in a new audience. Another benefit would be that if parents see that teachers are going to your company to buy supplies, it could only encourage them to do the same.

7. Collaborate with Schools

Stephanie Diaz, from Blue Tree Digital, suggests creating a partnership with schools to plan fundraising events, sponsorship opportunities, etc.  with your company. You could create discounts for local schools to come to you for back to school support. Sponsoring a back to school event not only brings customers to your company, but also spreads the word of your business even after the event is over by leaving your brand on t-shirts and other supplies. Raising money with your local school can raise sales and strengthen ties with the customers in the area.

8. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective and popular marketing tools used today. Use social networks to find out what school supplies are popular now, then spread the word about your own brand. Social media is a great technique for your back to school marketing campaign. Ruth Arber, from Adweek, suggests reaching parents on Pinterest and teenagers on Instagram, as those seem to be the most popular platforms for each demographic. By extending your campaign to these outlets, you can raise sales and extend your marketing reach.



The summer months are the ideal time to begin planning your back to school marketing strategies. Prepare your business now for the hectic, fast approaching and profitable back to school season by using these marketing techniques. And don’t worry, the pool will still be there when you are done! 

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