6 Ways to Stand Out on Pinterest

Posted by Maddie Keefe

July 28, 2016

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms that businesses are using to reach their target audience and draw attention to their brands. If you have spent any time in this community, it is clear to see why that is. Think of Pinterest as a virtual storefront. Pinterest is a user-generated platform that is entirely customizable. Users can upload their own content (called a “pin”)  or share someone else’s content (“repinning”). Whomever follows your page will see your content on their page feed. Eye-catching content can be found on almost any topic you can think of. Now is the time to make your business stand out among the rest.

1. Create a “Pinning” Schedule

Maintaining an active Pinterest page is crucial to the success of your feed, just as with all forms of social media. AJ Agrawal, from Forbes,
suggests spacing out the amount of pins you post everyday by creating a calendar. He explains that this is beneficial to your business because crowding your audience’s feed may make it challenging to absorb each piece of content that you share with them. Using Pinterest analytics to determine what times you are reaching the highest activity will give you an idea of how often and when to post. Create a schedule to determine what should be posted and when, much like you would for blog or website content. This helps to increase engagement on each of your pins.

2. Use Pinterest to Market In-Store and Online

Use Pinterest as your newest marketing tool. Ekaterina Walter, from Social Media Examiner, suggests showing customers, either in the storefront or online, which items are most popular on Pinterest. This may be done by having a small sign with the Pinterest logo or other eye-catching tool next to each one of the favored products, according to Walter. She explains that by showing customers the physical products in store that are gaining the most attention on Pinterest, businesses can increase their revenue. Keep your most popular products at the top of customers’ minds. This not only brings new followers from in the store to your Pinterest page, but it can help your brand to creatively stand out online and off.

3. Monitor Analytics to Know Your Audience 

Pinterest analytics generates a wealth of insight so businesses know who they are creating pins for and if they are reaching the ideal customer. Brittney Helmrich, from Business News Daily, suggests using analytics to determine not only the engagement rates of your pin content, but the age, gender, location, etc. of your target audience. This information is essential in creating the best content to reach potential customers and encourage your audience to buy from your business. Use this information to learn more about who is engaging with your profile and then tailor your content to this audience.

4. Share Your Pinterest Across All Media Channels

Use your other social networks to promote your brand on Pinterest. Lillian Sue, from Business 2 Community, suggests sharing your Pinterest account on other networks to draw attention to your profile. She recommends doing this by posting content from your Pinterest onto your website, and vice versa. Be sure to share content on all social media channels your brand is active on. This can increase your business on Pinterest by bringing visitors of your website and other social media platforms to your Pinterest page. The increased traffic brought to your profile from your other sites is a great way to grow your reach and expand your business.

5. Promote Your Business with Promoted Pins

Pinterest is not only a place for original content, but an opportunity for that original content to become an advertisement for your brand. Ryan Pitylak, from Social Media Examiner, recommends using promoted pins to advertise and draw attention to your brand. Sending out pins that will reach a target audience is a brilliant marketing technique because it shares your business’ Pinterest information with your ideal customers. Pitylak explains that when creating a promoted pin, you can choose who you will market to, the content within the pin and how much you will spend to share it with as many potential customers as possible. He points out that you can do this easily by using software to decide the location, language and gender of your ideal audience. Generating original and creative promoted pins to share with your target audience is the perfect way to help your business stand out in a competitive market.

6. Take Advantage of “Rich” and “Buyable” Pins

Pinterest is evolving and changing every day. Your company should be using these changes to enhance your Pinterest experience and grow your business online. Molly Stine, from Flying Point Digital, explains that “rich pins” are pins that offer the viewer more information about the pin that they are looking for. By using “rich pins” on your Pinterest page, you not only draw in more viewers of your pins because of the increased information you offer, but you show your followers that you are the trusted and informative source for their Pinterest searches.

The newest tool that Pinterest is implementing is “buyable pins.” Stine explains that this incredible new feature is beneficial to your business because it allows potential customers to find what they like on your page and make a purchase quickly and efficiently. Give your target market the opportunity to learn more about the products they need and then allow them to buy directly from your Pinterest page by using “rich pins” and “buyable pins” for your business.

Pinterest is an expansive and growing social network that allows people of all ages and demographics to find something that appeals to them. In an online world, it is essential to use these Pinterest techniques to help your brand stand out.
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