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Website Design and the Brand Experience

Over the last several weeks I have received a flurry of content including e-books, blog posts and an infographic on website design advice.  Not sure if it’s because the topic is getting hot or because I am more connected to a network of bloggers and content developers, probably the latter. 

One missing element from the majority of this content is the role and importance of brand and branding on the website.

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Is Inbound Marketing High Definition Marketing

In the October 8, 2012 issue of BtoB Online, four out of ten articles focused on content and most of the others referenced content.  The importance of content and its role in today’s marketing is a theme you see repeated everywhere.  “Content is king” opined BtoB editor John Obrecht, whose article discussed contents ascent to the marketing throne.

As I was reading the many articles in the BtoB issue, I was struck by a thought.  If content, as a marketing strategy, has been around for 60 years, as Obrecht references in his article, why is it suddenly king.  What’s different today?

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What Is Inbound Marketing

Ten years ago Direct Mail – Print Ads - E-Mail – Telemarketing - Radio/TV Ads were effective tools for oubound marketing.

Today, people have become adept at blocking out interruptions from traditional outbound marketing and shop and learn about products and services in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago.

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