6 Tips to Grow Your Reach on Facebook

Posted by Maddie Keefe

August 11, 2016

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used today. When you aren’t busy sharing the newest pictures from your amazing summer vacation with your Facebook friends, consider using the site to expand your business. Use these six tips on how to make the most out of your Facebook business page and grow your online reach along the way.

1. Balance Your Post Type

People do not use Facebook to see advertisement after advertisement.Neil Patel, marketing extraordinaire from, suggests creating 80% of your Facebook updates as social posts. This helps keep potential customers interested in what you have to say, Patel explains. Focus on connecting with your customers more often than selling to them. The positive relationships you build with potential customers have the ability to grow your online presence and help your brand extend its Facebook reach.

2. Reach the Right People

Facebook advertisements are an effective way to grow your reach on Facebook. Kristi Hines, from Social Working Hard-1.jpgMedia Examiner,  suggests using Facebook Ads Manager instead of the Promote Page option on your Facebook page to reach a more refined list of customers. This Facebook Ads function allows you to specify the exact people that you hope see the ad, according to Hines. She recommends using this tool to send updates, advertisements and company information to an incredibly specific audience. Tailoring your ads to your ideal potential customer can encourage more people to interact with your brand and grow your Facebook reach.

Advertisements are as important to your revenue growth as they are to your marketing strategy. If you are sending out ads to people with high interest in what you are offering, there is a greater chance your revenue will increase. Facebook ads keep your brand top of mind with people who are specifically suitable for your business. By using ads to expand your online presence, you are also gaining opportunities for increased sales.

3. Collaborate With Other Facebook Pages

The content you post to Facebook is essential to a successful Facebook page. Roy Povarchik, from Social Media Examiner, suggests using the power of the written word to your Facebook advantage by offering to create content forFacebook_AdobeStock_62656738.jpeg other popular companies on Facebook similar to your own. Creating this content, in exchange for credit on their site, introduces you to a new audience of customers, according to Povarchik. Because Povarchik recommends writing to businesses similar to your own, these other audiences may want to work with you in the future and in turn, help grow your Facebook reach to other areas.

4. Create Audience-Approved Content

The content you create is what brings users back to your Facebook page again and again. Facebook would not be the marketing tool it is without the creation of informative and unique content from a variety of different businesses. Ishita Ganguly, from Social Media Examiner, suggests using your Facebook Analytics to find out what content is ideal to your particular target audience. Do you get more clicks on videos than pictures or on text posts instead of ads? This information is crucial to know and can help you create the most effective posts, according to Ganguly. Give you audience what they want and they may help you expand your reach by visiting and interacting with your page continually.

5. Share Facebook Content Across All Platforms

The more platforms for customers to find your content, the better for your online reach and brand. Stephanie Frasco, from Convert with Content, suggests embedding content from your Facebook page onto other social channels, such as your website, blog or other social media. She explains that this can increase views and interaction with your content across all platforms. This is beneficial to growing your reach on Facebook, because the content you generate across multiple channels now serves as a roadmap to your Facebook page.

6. Cultivate Relationships

Your Facebook reach is only as powerful as the amount of people you are reaching. Grow your reach among customers and even with those in your industry by forming relationships with them. Lindsay Kolowich, from Hubspot, suggests following people in your field and potential customers interested in your products and services. She explains that following their pages and interacting with their posts can help you develop relationships within the Facebook community. Engaging with others on Facebook encourages them to interact with your page and grow your reach among different areas.

Facebook is an effective and popular online marketing tools you can use to grow your online reach. Whether creating unique content, sharing targeted ads or developing beneficial relationships, Facebook is so much more than a social media platform. Use these tips to expand your reach on Facebook to help grow your business.

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