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July 14, 2015

Content_resizedWhat is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is how you attract and gain buyers through the creation of unique content and how the content is presented via a business’ online channels such as, websites, blogs, and social media, etc. I have created a short list of tips to help anyone narrow down how to easily, but effectively create strong relevant content and keep it flowing.


Study your Target Market (learn what content they want)

The first tip for a successful content marketing plan is to have the right content. The way to obtain the knowledge that leads to the creation of the right content is through defining and observing your target market. After you have developed research on your target market, discover where and how they are spending their time, and what matters to them. For example, a fashion company would post on their blog on how to dress with style. You need to go beyond generating content that is relevant to your business and instead create content about specifics within your business that your buyers are particularly interested in.

Dedicate time and effort to writing (Quality is key, hire someone if you don’t have the time)

To discover what content to write about is one task, but actually producing content is a whole other element of work when it comes to creating content. You want skilled writers to do this portion for your content marketing. Do not waste time creating partially good content. Hire writers that are going to be dedicated 100% to writing solid content for your business. Quality is far more important that quantity. A lot of people assume generating large volumes of content will help their business, but in reality content creation is more about the quality of knowledge you share online.  It is suggested that a quality blog is 600 to 800 words. Content pieces that exceed this length should be displayed on the website as downloads.

Keep it original (You want credit and rankings)

Now, to earn any credit in the sense of rankings on Google, your content must be original or it is “overlooked.” If you don’t come up in search results then people will never find your content, and if that is so, then why bother creating it? With that being said your content has to be completely unique in order for it to be found. Google won’t consider you a “trusted” source for information if the content isn’t written by you, and there is no fooling Google. Try to avoid services that provide weekly or monthly content that anyone can use on their site. Using one of these services will not benefit your SEO in any way. Only the content original creator will gain search credibility from search engines.


One major way to help your content get found on Search Engines is to optimize your content. . As I mentioned above, your work must be original, but also optimized. Make a list of keywords relevant to the topics you would like to produce content about. Choose keywords that web users search for and that your business has an opportunity to rank for. When posting content, create keyword relevant page titles, unique Meta descriptions, alt text behind images, etc. Take the necessary steps to optimizing your content, because it will benefit you in the long run. Optimized web content is more likely to be found and generate more website traffic

Be contemporary and Measure

Always be on your A game when it comes to your content, even after you have accomplished your goals. Today the world is automatic, unlike any other time period the changes will be much more rapid. Always research what is new, and changing, as well as stay on top of your target market’s interests/wants. You should consider what your competition is doing for their content marketing, because you do not want any surprises. In all things marketing there must be research and data to work with. Marketing does not source from opinion, there needs to be actual evidence for decision making and direction. Measure your work and even regenerate similar content as long as it is still relevant. Learn from your data, and decide what to do next.

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