6 Tips on How to Nurture Prospects with Content

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July 24, 2015

sketch_resizeHere is a simple guide on how to nurture your leads successfully. Lead nurturing is the process of creating relationships with potential/existing customers, and moving them down through the buyer’s cycle. It is a process that takes time, because you do not want to pressure the lead into making a purchase. Follow these tips and learn how to nurture your leads correctly.





1. Create Relationships

Connect with your leads and build a relationship with them. This is not about pushing your product or service in yours lead’s face, but getting them familiar with your brand, and building trust. Send them subscriber only information, emails encouraging questions, and give current details about brand, make them feel connected, but not rushed to buy. Let qualified prospects  truth your business and lead them into making a purchase

2. Analyze Buying Cycle

Consider where your leads are in the buying cycle. Evaluating where they are will help you decide which offer to promote at what time. Know your most effective offers that successfully convert leads into customers, and organize the best time to send out those offers. For example, someone who is at the top of the sales funnel probably wouldn’t respond well if they received emails immediately with discounts and promotions. This is a crucial part of lead nurturing, because the timing and placement of content is key to success for the whole process.

3. Establish Campaign Goals

Define the objectives of what you want this lead nurturing campaign to do.  Are you trying to move someone from the top of the sales funnel down to the middle, or maybe you are trying to reconnect with unqualified leads from the past. Every campaign is different, therefore from the beginning be clear on what you want to happen. Make a schedule, based on data for the optimal content to send in emails and be sure to consider  where prospects are in the buying cycle.. The goals are meant to help you make progress and measure it as you go.

4. Customize Emails 

When writing lead nurturing  emails you want them to be personalized to the particular lead you are reaching out to. Address the lead by he or she’s name, and placement of an offer that makes sense based on where they are in the buyer’s journey.  Make them feel you are speaking to them directly.

5. Test Run 

Before executing any campaign you should always test the effectiveness on other people. You could send the content and or offers out in the sequence you think is best to people you work with. Have them evaluate your campaign, and give you feedback. Always get your work reviewed and tested before putting it into action, this will save you time and money in the long run.

6. Measure Results

During the campaign you should measure your results and learn from the data. This will aid you through the current, and guide the next campaign.  Results give you some pointers to follow, and what do next. How many goals did you accomplish? And why? If you didn’t accomplish your goals figure out why. Your results will tell you what you need to know. Continuously collect and review data.


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