5.5 Reasons to Invest in Inbound Marketing

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June 30, 2015


1.)  Saves Marketing Budget

Inbound marketing is cheaper than outbound marketing (Print, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, etc.), on average companies who use inbound methods are able to save $20,000 yearly. That statistic alone should motivate businesses to consider inbound marketing for them. It cost 61% less per lead in inbound marketing versus outbound. The goal of inbound is to attract customers by creation of great content and by doing so, marketing this way saves money, because just by gaining leads via inbound marketing is already 61% cheaper per lead.


2.)   Contemporary

Inbound marketing is contemporary, because it keeps up with how your buyers are making purchases, and researching possible buys. Inbound marketing creates an informative online presence, which is what your prospects/buyers are looking for. Study your buyer personas, and get familiar with their wants and needs, and from there create content that is relevant to them and will attract them. This is how the Internet shopping world works essentially. Who is selling the best offer? Who has the best website? Who has people talking about that amazing blog they just posted? This is what resonates with consumers today as far as online business goes. Outbound marketing can seem a little outdated when it comes to people who predominately utilize the Internet before making a purchase.

3.) Non-Intrusive

In the past outbound marketing has been labeled as interruptive and unwanted. No one wants to be sold anymore, but rather educated. Inbound marketing will not clutter your desktop with popup ads, or interrupt you with cold calling. The beauty of inbound marketing is that the consumer scopes you out, and from there, makes the decision on whether or not, you offer what they are looking for.  Gaining leads and customers through this process should bring in customers who are likely to return. Inbound strategies allow prospects to make the decision to buy on their own and weren’t sold by you but, nurtured. By not being interruptive you will have a more positive image and have a better chance of resonating with your lead/customer.

4.) Buyer Centric

Inbound marketing is buyer centric rather than being marketer centric. By putting the buyer first you are making the sales process about the prospect which creates a more convenient experience that takes place in a traditional sales process. In the past it was more convenient for the marketer because they were able to send out mass emails that were spammy, and made cold calls that were interruptive. The traditional sales process lacks any feeling of connection for the customer, and basically allowed potential customers to tune out your marketing messages wherever they pleased.

4.5) Marketer and Sales Centric

The inbound marketing method is easier for the marketer as well as the buyer., which is why inbound marketing is also marketer centric. Reaching out to your buyers in ways that they want and can relate to, is putting them first, and thinking of and producing content that the marketer is passionate about is making it easier for marketers and sales teams. For once marketeering and sales have a fair advantage in the buying process. The Internet has changed everything and now buyers are educated before making a purchase. By allowing marketers to produce relevant content to their buyer personas leads to a warmer and educational sales process for the sales team. If you think about it people are going to be more interested in a company that has already provided them with valuable information they need. Inbound strategies make the entire sales funnel flow in a smooth process.  

5.) Educational

The whole idea of inbound marketing is creating content to attract customers. This content is a form of education, because you are giving customers a chance to get informed about your company. Educating customers will take you further than pushing your products. Being an open book to them and allowing them ask you what they want will work better because you make the sales process all about them, while you are actually doing the selling. People want to feel like people not a dollar sign, and educating about your company in ways that your buyer personas pay attention to such as, blogs and social media is more alluring to them. Buyers today are already educating themselves and it’s up to you to make sure the best content about your business is out there and what better method than inbound marketing?

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